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Having won various awards in 2021, The Real Tree Masters have earned the best reputation in the GTA region for exemplifying exceptional arbor care. As acclaimed Toronto Arborists, we live and breathe our work. We seek to turn your greenspaces into a picture of health, focusing on professional tree services that keep your trees safe and sound. From tree planting to tree removal, there are no space or tree species we can’t handle. We’re poised to grow like your most stately trees.

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Our Reputation

Multiple Time Winner of the Consumer Choice Award
Multiple Time Winner of the Top Choice Award
What You’ll Get From The Real Tree Masters
Focus on Safety & Security

Our reputation is based on doing an effective job with long-term safety and security for property owners, our personnel, and most of all, your property’s most prominent trees.

24 Hours Storm Emergency Damage

For fallen trees blocking roads, pathways, driveways, or even lodged into houses or buildings, we’re here to respond whenever there’s an emergency. When storms have felled your trees, we’re set to clear them for you.

Fully Insured & Protected

With $5M in insurance, we’re confident in the decisions we make to protect your property and the longevity of your most valued landscaping features.

Award-Winning, Knowledgeable Team

We’re committed to being your trusted source of wisdom; we’ll make the right call regarding the condition of your trees, with award-winning practical expertise for your satisfaction.

Successful & Stellar Reputation

We walk our talk. Satisfied property owners have congratulated us for keeping their arboreal features healthy and beautiful, as we continue saving trees wherever we can.

Competitive Rates

We understand the economic constraints on our clients; even though an arborist’s work isn’t cheap, we preserve and promote the health of your trees at a fair market rate.

Our Clients Love Us, So Will you

Toronto Arborists with Purpose

Our certified and insured arborists are ready to help with tree planting, tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, deep root feeding, and more. We are the tree care service company that does it all for commercial and residential properties. Keep your property looking its best with our experts.

The Advantages of Hiring Professional Arborists

Our professional Toronto arborist services seek to provide property managers with specialty tree care that generalized landscapers might not have the time for. Tree & plant health care depends on more factors than just sufficient water and sunlight. There are considerations having to do with soil depth, consistency, proximity to buildings, plants, other trees, and much, much more. Our knowledge and expertise in the field make us the team that’s best equipped to handle your trees with care and keep your best interest in mind, as some of the best arborists in the Greater Toronto Area. Professionals are capable of doing what’s best for everyone, including stakeholders or family members concerned with your budget.

It’s Never Too Early or Too Late to Save Your Trees

Trees are thriving organisms that breathe life into your spaces, literally. But they need support to stay healthy and strong to keep from posing threats to buildings in the area and even other trees. So much can go wrong with trees since they’re complicated organisms in their own right, with interdependence on other living things above and below the soil. But we ply our qualified knowledge to ensure your most impressive trees live beyond your expectations.

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