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Tree & Shrub Fertilization Services

Lawn and grass fertilization is simple and often something a homeowner or property manager can handle themselves. Tree and shrub fertilizing, on the other hand, requires the help and expertise of professionals. The roots of your grass are easily accessible, making it simple to purchase fertilizer yourself (and perhaps a couple of tools) so you can take care of the lawn fertilization independently. You will need to puncture the ground to effectively fertilize your lawn, but that can be done with a simple tool, given only a shallow puncture is needed.

After that, you can merely spread the fertilizer, water, and you’re finished! Tree and shrub fertilization is an entirely different process, and when you think about where the roots of trees and shrubs reach within the ground, it makes sense the process would be far more in-depth. Give your trees and shrubs the healthy soil and roots they need to flourish by taking advantage of our tree and shrub fertilizing service.

Tree & Shrub Fertilization

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When Should I Get My Trees & Shrubs Fertilized?

Whenever you have a tree or shrub looking as though they need some help, fertilization services are a great idea. So long as the ground around the tree isn’t frozen, we can inject it with the nutrients it needs. Outside of a tree that just looks like it’s in need, you should get your trees and shrubs fertilized in any of the below situations:

  • You have just planted the tree or shrub on your property and want to ensure it will thrive, regardless of where it’s been planted on your property (parking lot or otherwise).
  • If you have a diseased tree or shrub, which can occur for countless reasons. Our arborists can conduct an analysis to assess the health of your trees, and if they find the tree is diseased, fertilization done deep in the tree’s roots will likely be exactly what they recommend.
  • General upkeep is a fantastic reason to get trees and shrubs fertilized. You can avoid a diseased tree or future health risks for your gorgeous shrubs by taking a proactive approach and making fertilization a regular habit. Fall and Spring are both fantastic times for fertilization services, so long as the ground isn’t frozen.

Importance of Fertilization

It’s a common assumption that once your trees and shrubs have been planted and established roots, you simply keep them watered and they naturally do the rest. While trees and shrubs certainly have the ability to grow without additional help, they will be stunted without proper care. Additionally, the trees and shrubs you see thriving naturally in the forest are in the forest – their natural habitat, where the soil is still filled with an abundance of minerals to help plants thrive. The same is not true in suburban environments. Where organic material once was, we’ve built homes, businesses, and other buildings. The soil around our homes and businesses lacks the nutrients plants need to take root and stand tall. Due to the poor soil, trees and shrubs may struggle to ever establish roots or they might grow without proper health, creating an unfortunate situation in the future – like a standing dead tree next to your home.

Outside of suburban soil just not being as rich as soil should be in nature, we are often planting trees or shrubs in a location that essentially sets them up for failure. Of course, trees and shrubs help your parking lot look more aesthetically pleasing and planting next to your driveway makes a big difference for curb appeal, but those are locations trees and shrubs aren’t meant to thrive on their own. Beyond the soil being poor, establishing strong roots is a challenge with pavement nearby. Fertilizing services allow you to help your young trees and shrubs start out on the right path, providing them with nutrient-rich soil impossible without intervention.

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