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Root Pruning & Air Spading Services

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It doesn’t take a certified arborist to identify an unhealthy tree or shrub from the rest, but it does take a certified arborist to help bring that tree back to a healthy state. Look at the gorgeous trees on your property. Though you can’t see the roots, you can see signals that the roots of your favorite tree may be at risk. The base, or trunk, of trees are very telling. A healthy tree has flaring roots at the bottom of its trunk – that flare is a signal your tree has a healthy transition from trunk to root tissue. Healthy roots enable a thriving tree, so if your tree doesn’t have a flare, it is likely a sign that your tree needs help before matters get worse. That’s where our certified arborists come in. They can both proactively help you avoid unhealthy roots through root pruning due to construction that may be occurring near the tree, and they can also help bring your trees back to health with our air spading service.

Root Pruning Service

Root pruning is a proactive approach to keeping your tree healthy when change is on the horizon. That could be construction needs, like mechanical excavation, near your favorite tree, but root pruning is also helpful in preparation to transplant a large tree elsewhere on your property.

Our certified arborists are experts in how root pruning should be adjusted based upon tree type, age, health, and soil characteristics around the tree. They are also abreast on all guidelines that must be followed for safe and effective root pruning. The careful approach our amazing arborists take allows your tree’s roots to be treated without any damage to the established roots. Yes, root trimming is involved, but when that is done with experience and thoughtfulness, no roots are left crushed or torn, which can be done far too easily without the help of experts.

When you are preparing your trees or shrubs for a potential root pruning service, it’s important to be mindful of the need the tree’s roots will have for nourishment. That might mean delaying a construction project until a drought season ends if you want to ensure you keep your tree in great health. Without proper rainfall, it will be especially important to monitor the health of your tree and the moisture of the soil around it. You should expect to hydrate your tree before and after root pruning if the dry season can’t be avoided. Our team will equip you with everything you need to know when you book our service.

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tree pruning

Air Spading Service

tree pruning
tree pruning

Air spading is another service handled by our certified arborists, typically done when there is a potential health risk on the horizon for your tree or shrub. As mentioned previously, a healthy tree should have a flared trunk leading to its strong roots. If that flare is missing, your tree is at risk of decay, pathogens entering the tree’s roots, unhealthy root growth (such as girdling roots), and other serious concerns. That risk comes from excess soil or other materials impacting the most important parts of your tree – the base of its trunk to its root tissue. If you notice a lack of trunk flare with a tree or shrub, schedule an air spading appointment with us promptly so we can safely alleviate the potential risk the excess soil is causing. Removing excess soil may sound like a job that can be handled independently, but doing so without the proper tools and expertise can actually cause more harm than good. Let our certified arborist take care of the problem for you, leaving you to simply enjoy a gorgeous, healthy, tree when they’re finished.

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