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Tree Removal Service

At The Real Tree Masters, we work with you to determine how we can make your vision a reality. Our arborist services includes tree pruning, tree trimming, or removing trees and replanting others in their place, other times that means removing dangerous and disease-stricken trees for the safety of your family. We employee some of the most skilled arborists in the GTA, because taking down trees is a complex and risky endeavor that must be trusted to the professionals. Our tree surgeons are highly experienced in all arborist services Oakville, including assessing the best method of removing trees, including crane tree removals, using bucket trucks, or climbing. Where do you start? Give us a call, and we will be happy to walk you through the process.

Rose E. – Brampton

These guys deserve more than 5 stars because they are great at what they do. Job quote, communication skills, time management to complete work on site, cleanliness 100%, work skills & most important great price. They removed 7 trees in our home back yard for a very good price, cleaned up after themselves, and in less than 2 days the trees were gone and our back yard looks like a football field ; ). I will gladly and surely recommend them if you are thinking of removing trees in your private home, very honest staff & very pleasant to work with. I will defiantly refer them to family & friends and if we ever need their service again I will sure give them a call. Thank you Mina & all staff at Tree Masters : )

Mahir W. – Etobicoke

Had multiple services with this tree care company. Had them help us with the arborist report for the city of Etobicoke. Once we got the permit, they sent 2 crews to remove a Locust and Norway Maple. They grinded the stumps afterwards. The process was great, they explained the permit process and how they’ll be getting these trees out of here, it was an entertaining show cutting them down. The price was great, compared to others.

Mark C. – North York

I highly recommend as they were very professional and did a great job and I would certainly use their services again. We needed a large tree removed in our backyard and The Real Tree Masters Inc was able to do that and more. We were given a very reasonable estimate right away and when the team came they were very pleasant and worked quickly but also efficiently completing the job within a few hours.

Thomas W. – Mississauga

I’ve got to say that I was impressed with their service. The crew was professional and efficient, and did a great job of removing the tree without a scratch to my home. I recently hired The Real Tree Masters for a hazardous removal of a giant oak that was beginning to threaten my house. I’ve shopped around before going with this company and the price was very competitive as well. I would highly recommend them.

Tyler R. – Mississauga

Outstanding job. Extremely knowledgeable, answered all my questions about the removal of two large trees, thorough completion of the job, and all at a decent price. So impressed that I’m having them back to plant some new trees!

Patrick C. – Toronto

I got the lowest price from the Tree Masters. It was quite a large job and they were able to finish it at the estimated time. The person that came for the quote really knew what he was talking about. They took down all the trees first, then spent the rest of the time cleaning. I paid them after seeing that the job was perfectly done. I would definitely use them again if needed in the future. Thanks

Patrick C. – Toronto

Indira P. – Mississauga

I had 3 dead ash trees in the backyard. I called the real tree masters and they came early and got the job done. They were very professional and finished and cleaned up before dark. I already recommended them to my friends and family. The crew was very nice and respectable.

Indira P. – Mississauga

How to get a tree removal permit in Oakville

  1. Determine if your tree is regulated or not:

    – Measure the DBH of the tree that requires removal or injury.
    – Starting May 2, 2017, property owners in the town of Oakville must apply for a permit and an in-person consultation before removing any tree / trees that have trunks measuring 15 cm / 5.9 inches or larger in diameter.

  2. If your trees are regulated by the town by-laws:

    – Complete the online Private Tree Removal Permit Application.

  3. If your tree is a high safety risk:

    – If your tree is a danger to people or property, you do not require a tree removal permit, but you must notify the town as soon as possible.
    – According to the town of Oakville by-laws, a high safety risk tree must be identified by an arborist. A tree might be identified as a high safety risk if there is potential for the tree or part of the tree to cause serious injury or damage to people or property.

  4. If you need to cut a tree due to construction or renovations:

    If you need to cut a tree due to a development application, such as for pools, landscaping or other property construction projects, you must first provide an Arborist Report.

  5. Removing an Ash tree:

    Cutting and removing Ash tree does require a permit, however, it is exempt from permit fees.

  6. Where to apply for an injury or tree removal permit:

    Town of Oakville
    1225 Trafalgar Road, Oakville, Ontario
    905-845-6601, ext. 2846

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Tree Planting Service

Planting trees on your property is one of the best ways to improve the look and feel of your property. We can provide you the best prices of trees for purchase and installation. If you need trees for privacy, fruit trees or you have another idea in mind, you have come to the right place. Our arborists work with and advice homeowners, architects, and engineers for all your tree planting needs. As tree surgeons, we can advise on different tree species, their growth patterns and soil needs, or even weight restrictions for underground garages. Call us today for a free tree planting service consultation.   

Tree Pruning & Tree Trimming Service

As experts in the tree pruning technics and tree trimming for safety and manipulating the growth patterns of trees, our arborists excel in knowledge and understanding of various tree species and pruning or trimming methods that goes far beyond the industry standers. As tree surgeons, we prune shrubs, hedges, conifers and deciduous trees, fruit trees and more. With our tree trimming technics, we can guide the growth angel of trees, and remove hazards limbs before they become a dangers problems.


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