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The Real Tree Masters: Oakville’s Best Arborist

The Real Tree Masters are the most reliable arborist in Oakville, with renowned capabilities in all things related to trees to keep your property alive and prosperous. Our team of adept team works incredibly hard to ensure that the trees on any piece of property are healthy by moving them when necessary, planting more trees to flourish, and taking methodical steps to revive and care for trees that are languishing. We are determined to give you the best tree service in Oakville!

Tree Arborist
Professional Tree Arborists

We offer a full range of tree services for residential and commercial customers in North York, Etobicoke, East York, Scarborough, and The GTA. For stump grinding, stump removal, tree trimming, tree pruning, tree cabling and more, our customer-oriented organization has you covered.

What You’ll Get From The Real Tree Masters
Focus on Safety & Security

Our reputation is based on doing an effective job with long-term safety and security for property owners, our personnel, and most of all, your property’s most prominent trees.

24 Hours Storm Emergency Damage

For fallen trees blocking roads, pathways, driveways, or even lodged into houses or buildings, we’re here to respond whenever there’s an emergency. When storms have felled your trees, we’re set to clear them for you.

Fully Insured & Protected

With $5M in insurance, we’re confident in the decisions we make to protect your property and the longevity of your most valued landscaping features.

Award-Winning, Knowledgeable Team

We’re committed to being your trusted source of wisdom; we’ll make the right call regarding the condition of your trees, with award-winning practical expertise for your satisfaction.

Successful & Stellar Reputation

We walk our talk. Satisfied property owners have congratulated us for keeping their arboreal features healthy and beautiful, as we continue saving trees wherever we can.

Competitive Rates

We understand the economic constraints on our clients; even though an arborist’s work isn’t cheap, we preserve and promote the health of your trees at a fair market rate.

Our Clients Love Us, So Will you
How to Get a Oakville Tree Removal Permit
  1. Determine if your tree is regulated or not:

    – Measure the DBH of the tree that requires removal or injury.
    – Starting May 2, 2017, property owners in the town of Oakville must apply for a permit and an in-person consultation before removing any tree / trees that have trunks measuring 15 cm / 5.9 inches or larger in diameter.

  2. If your trees are regulated by the town by-laws:

    – Complete the online Private Tree Removal Permit Application.

  3. If your tree is a high safety risk:

    – If your tree is a danger to people or property, you do not require a tree removal permit, but you must notify the town as soon as possible.
    – According to the town of Oakville by-laws, a high safety risk tree must be identified by an arborist. A tree might be identified as a high safety risk if there is potential for the tree or part of the tree to cause serious injury or damage to people or property.

  4. If you need to cut a tree due to construction or renovations:

    If you need to cut a tree due to a development application, such as for pools, landscaping or other property construction projects, you must first provide an Arborist Report.

  5. Removing an Ash tree:

    Cutting and removing Ash tree does require a permit, however, it is exempt from permit fees.

  6. Where to apply for an injury or tree removal permit:

    Town of Oakville
    1225 Trafalgar Road, Oakville, Ontario
    905-845-6601, ext. 2846

How Can Our Tree Services Help?

We’re here for you, whether you know what you’re requesting, or you need answers to questions you didn’t know you had.

Oakville Tree Services

The Real Tree Masters pride ourselves on offering the best professional tree service in Oakville and in the business! Our arborist services include tree pruning, tree trimming, and replanting trees. Our arborists in Milton and Oakville can also remove dangerous and disease-stricken trees for the safety of your family. We employ some of the most skilled arborists in the GTA because taking down trees is a complex and risky endeavour that must be trusted to the professionals. Our tree surgeons are highly experienced in all arborist services in Oakville, including assessing the best method of removing trees, including crane tree removals, using bucket trucks, or climbing.

It’s Never Too Early or Too Late to Save Your Trees

When you contact our tree arborist in Oakville, we can guarantee that they will diligently help your trees–no matter their condition. Although you may believe it’s too early or far too late to save your trees, you can trust us to know what’s best for your trees and what is required for continued growth. With our emergency tree services that are just one phone call away, we will tend to your trees swiftly and to the best of our abilities!

When our arborists inspects a tree on a piece of property, we will prepare an arborist report that will detail the condition of the tree that was looked at. This document, when the tree is located on public property, to a city’s forestry department. 

While the duties of an arborist and tree surgeon are similar and often overlap, they are two different titles. An arborist requires more of a formal education to qualify for a position, while a tree surgeon begins to work with trees more quickly in the role.

Arborists should be passionate about trees and should also have adept hands when handling the delicacy of a tree. They should also be inclined to know when a tree is ailing and needs nutrients for revival.

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