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Brampton's Best Arborist is The Real Tree Masters

The Real Tree Masters is Brampton’s arborist of choice, dedicated to providing residential and commercial clients with professionalism, ethics, and commitment. Trees are hugely important to the value of your property, and they require skilled tree services from an arborist in Toronto & area—to maintain a healthy, dignified appearance. 

Our reputation reflects our unparalleled work and expertise in tree healthcare and arborist services. Trees take decades, if not centuries, to enhance their home properties. Benefit from healthy and cared-for trees – for you and your visitors.

Tree Arborist

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Reliable Tree Services

Arborists are essential for the trees that make up your yard. Find out how we can nourish and enhance your best features for optimal tree care.

What You’ll Get From The Real Tree Masters
Focus on Safety & Security

Our reputation is based on doing an effective job with long-term safety and security for property owners, our personnel, and most of all, your property’s most prominent trees.

24 Hours Storm Emergency Damage

For fallen trees blocking roads, pathways, driveways, or even lodged into houses or buildings, we’re here to respond whenever there’s an emergency. When storms have felled your trees, we’re set to clear them for you.

Fully Insured & Protected

With $5M in insurance, we’re confident in the decisions we make to protect your property and the longevity of your most valued landscaping features.

Award-Winning, Knowledgeable Team

We’re committed to being your trusted source of wisdom; we’ll make the right call regarding the condition of your trees, with award-winning practical expertise for your satisfaction.

Successful & Stellar Reputation

We walk our talk. Satisfied property owners have congratulated us for keeping their arboreal features healthy and beautiful, as we continue saving trees wherever we can.

Competitive Rates

We understand the economic constraints on our clients; even though an arborist’s work isn’t cheap, we preserve and promote the health of your trees at a fair market rate.

Our Clients Love Us, So Will you
How to Get a Brampton Tree Removal Permit

By-laws in Brampton permit residence to remove any trees located within 2 metres or 6 feet 6 inches of an occupied building. Permits are required for all trees with the DBH of more than 30cm or 12 inches.

Once you have obtained an arborist report and a completed application, it must be submitted in person at: The City of Brampton, 2 Wellington Street West Brampton, ON L6Y 4R2.   

Benefits of Hiring Brampton's Top Arborist

Property managers and homeowners are welcome to rely on tree services in Brampton for specialized care that the public or DIYers might not appreciate. Tree health is not limited to a certain amount of water and direct sunlight. Many sensitive aspects must be considered, including soil levels, nearby vegetation, root and branch density—and much more.

All of these factors make certifications required. Our staff makes excellent use of an educational focus on arboriculture and a strong desire to be the best arborist in Brampton. We’re ready to provide tree services to commercial and residential customers; above all, we are a customer-first-oriented organization.

It’s Never Too Early or Too Late to Save Your Trees

Trees are living, breathing features that bring plenty of health and value to a property, whether in private or public spaces. However, that’s not without proper support. Trees may degrade in several ways because of a fragile subsurface ecology, possibly even calling emergency tree services if tree health declines significantly.

A decaying tree is not only a hazard, but it can affect the value of your home, first impressions, and even your morale. But professional help means problem trees won’t threaten surrounding structures and other trees in good health. We utilize our significant expertise and technical knowledge to ensure that your most beautiful trees can thrive. 

Expertise, safety and giving multiple stakeholders something tangible are good reasons to hire an arborist. If you have to answer a condo board or a high-value commercial tenant about the decay of the property’s trees, at least you can tell them that you have a certified arborist looking into it. Arborists have the knowledge and wisdom to save antique trees whenever possible.

Arboriculture degrees and formal ISA certification are valid credentials to entrust your property’s most precious trees. Beyond that, reputation is a great indicator of well-earned qualifications. That’s reflected in receiving Consumer Choice awards by going above and beyond. We may have some in our organization who are not arborists, but certified arborists take the lead in the most critical decisions.

Experience and capabilities in understanding the different species of trees and what makes them healthy or unhealthy. Along with how to properly care for a tree when its health could be better and how to turn a sick tree around so it can get better.

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