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Professional Tree
Pruning & Trimming in Toronto

Quality Tree Pruning & Trimming in Toronto

Tree pruning in Toronto is a process to help a tree’s overall health. Typically, it’s done in the fall. Branches are cut back, along with removing the dead branches. In turn, it encourages the tree to develop a strong root growth. It’s best to rely on our grasp of tree health—so you can rest assured every cut will result in a greener, fresher property for your family and anyone enjoying the space. Our commitment is to professionalism, quality tree healthcare, and a responsible understanding of the whole picture whenever trimming your trees. Leave pruning and trimming to the most respected, award-winning arborist in Toronto.

Tree Arborist
The peace of mind of homeowners, as well as property resale value, are essential. Our commitment to precise tree pruning ensures the healthy distribution of water and nutrients, the safety of your property, and the longevity of your most impressive trees. Professionals are here to encourage healthy development in the right direction - to beautify your treed areas.
Commercial property owners are responsible for the safety of all who come near a tree on the grounds. The Real Tree Masters provide professional standards for insured, documented, and prompt arborist services, ensuring that routinely trimmed trees add value to the property without causing problems. Our detailed reports, reasonable prices, and on-time delivery can justify your budget.

Why You Need Professional Tree Pruning & Trimming in Toronto

Improve Tree Health

Branches are resource-intensive parts of the tree. Sometimes they can sustain damage or die, draining or infecting the rest of the tree—and there could be a temptation to handle it yourself. But doing so can lead to health problems without the guidance of a professional hand and an eye for how to develop trees' health.

Encourage Tree Growth

Branches consume a tree’s water and nutrients. And in return, they collect sunlight for the rest of the tree. If one branch is low hanging, it can inhibit healthy growth at the top. Tree trimming is best left to professionals who can prune the right branches and get your tree growing in a new direction.

Provides Others & Your Property Protection

Branches can start causing problems when they start reaching the wrong way. You might discover them encroaching on windows or roofing, perhaps even into a neighbouring property. An arborist can help in these cases as we identify problem branches and handle improper growth with your property’s safety in mind.

Remove Hazardous Branches

When a branch reaches for a powerline or potentially falls on a sidewalk, we stand at the ready to identify the hazard. We deal with it accordingly for the safety and benefit of all nearby. Hazardous branches require expert removal from start to finish. Hazards aren't always detectable by untrained eyes, making an arborist’s services necessary.

Top-Notch Tree Pruning Services in Toronto

Trees need arborists’ trimming services for healthy growth. Learn how we can encourage their process of branching out and how we can protect your property. Professionals know where and when to cut!

What You’ll Get From The Real Tree Masters
Focus on Safety & Security

Our reputation is based on doing an effective job with long-term safety and security for property owners, our personnel, and most of all, your property’s most prominent trees.

24 Hours Storm Emergency Damage

For fallen trees blocking roads, pathways, driveways, or even lodged into houses or buildings, we’re here to respond whenever there’s an emergency. When storms have felled your trees, we’re set to clear them for you.

Fully Insured & Protected

With $5M in insurance, we’re confident in the decisions we make to protect your property and the longevity of your most valued landscaping features.

Award-Winning, Knowledgeable Team

We’re committed to being your trusted source of wisdom; we’ll make the right call regarding the condition of your trees, with award-winning practical expertise for your satisfaction.

Successful & Stellar Reputation

We walk our talk. Satisfied property owners have congratulated us for keeping their arboreal features healthy and beautiful, as we continue saving trees wherever we can.

Competitive Rates

We understand the economic constraints on our clients; even though an arborist’s work isn’t cheap, we preserve and promote the health of your trees at a fair market rate.

Our Clients Love Us, So Will you

What’s the Cost of Tree Trimming & Pruning in Toronto?

There is no set tree pruning cost in Toronto. It varies depending on the efficiency of the arborist. Tree pruning takes expert knowledge on which branches are most detrimental, and making a cut that can optimize health is beyond the know-how of most who don’t have an arborist’s background. As a part of comprehensive plant health care, pruning can cost a few hundred dollars to $800 per property. Trust in The Real Tree Masters, and prioritize your trees’ health. While you have an arborist on site, it’s the perfect opportunity to get stump removal done simultaneously, so your greenspace will be ready for the turning season.

Like trimming most trees, you’d remove dead wood first and any rotting branches. Next, you’d want to target branches that are growing horizontally. But, it requires some expertise to judge which angles are worse off for the tree than others and why. Other limbs might be crossing over and leaning on them or otherwise growing in an entangled—and this can also impact the tree’s health. We also look for branches that might break under their weight when deciding what to trim. In the same way, you need an eye for what kind of branch growth is unhealthy.

An arborist, or at least a certified arborist, is a person who can assess the health of a tree and handle work that will contribute to it. An arborist can provide bankable opinions on a tree’s overall health, threats to its health, threats to persons or property, or even other plants and trees. Then the arborist can conduct trimming, fertilization, aeration, grinding, cutting, or any practical solutions. A tree trimmer doesn’t have quite the same background, and they tend to stick to trimming rather than weighing in with reports.

We use forestry climbing gear, provided it’s safe and the tree can support the weight of the person climbing without breaking. Otherwise, we have forestry bucket trucks that can safely raise an arborist in the bucket on the boom.

With the right care, over a hundred years, depending on the species.

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