Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM)

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Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM)

The Real Tree Masters provide Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) services in Ontario including Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Vaughan, Burlington, Richmond Hill, Brampton, Milton, Markham and surrounding areas.

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Overgrown vegetation around railway tracks poses hazardous safety risks that can be easily avoided with appropriate maintenance. When vegetation gets out of control, it can be a hinderance to visibility of train signals and sight lines at railway crossings, but it can also increase the risk of fires along the track. Outside of safety, railway inspections cannot be conducted properly, potentially creating even more safety risks into the future. By simply partnering with a professional arborist on a regular basis, you can ensure the vegetation around railway tracks is safe and hazard-free.

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At The Real Tree Masters, our certified arborists expertly manage the vegetation around railway tracks to assure safety measures can be withheld. Regardless of the vegetation management services you require, we can tackle it all.

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Mechanical Vegetation Management

This service involves the physical cutting or trimming of trees, brush, and shrubs to clear the visibility for train crews – allowing for a clear line of sight to railway signals and crossings. Additionally, by maintaining the health and pruning of trees and shrubs, we reduce the unfortunate risk of limbs falling from a tree or shrub onto the railway – a massive safety hazard.

Mechanical vegetation management also includes the removal of trees or shrubs, as needed for safety concerns or local environmental risks (such as species that are not compatible with the local vegetation). With the keen approach of our expert arborists, we can remove even large trees without doing damage to a railway that may be close in proximity to the tree being removed.

Vegetation Survey of Right-of-Way

Leveraging our professional rights-of-way training, we ensure that we survey the vegetation surrounding railway tracks to not only identify safety risks and address them (supporting reliable, uninterrupted service for railways), but to also evaluate species types (and remove invasive or exotic species, as needed). While the main purpose of our integrated vegetation management services is safety, we also care for the health of the local ecosystem, which requires the removal of species that pose a threat.

Our vegetation survey right-of-way service allows you to lean on our expertise related to potential vegetation risks, making sure no hazards are overlooked nor invasive species unidentified. Without proper training in both rights-of-way as well as the certification necessary to be a professional arborist, it’s impossible to understand not only what needs to be addressed, but also how to address the issue. That’s precisely where our expertise adds value.

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Chemical Vegetation Management (Herbicide Application):

Most effective if done annually, at a minimum, chemical vegetation management (or herbicide application) plays a vital role in reducing the risk of railway fires by quickly removing unruly vegetation around railway tracks. Clearing unnecessary vegetation from the railway also enables proper railway inspections, which further contributes to reducing the potential risk posed by overgrown vegetation.

Hydro & Utility Companies

Beyond vegetation management for railways, our services also support hydro and utility companies. Just as overgrown vegetation poses risks for railway systems, similar hazards are presented with utility lines. Reduce fire risks, increase lines of sight, protect the ecosystem, and allow for proper inspections by leveraging our integrated vegetation management services.

Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) services are essential to the safety of railway and utility systems, as well as the ecosystems surrounding them. Whether you know precisely which service you require or you need a survey conducted, reach out to The Real Tree Masters today to begin your partnership with our certified arborists.

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Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM)

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