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Arborist Report Services

The Real Tree Masters provides arborist reports and consulting services in Ontario including Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Vaughan, Burlington, Richmond Hill, Brampton, Milton, Markham and surrounding areas. We can provide you with consultation and all reports required for your project.


Commercial & Residential 

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What is an arborist report?

An arborist report is a document prepared by a certified arborist and then submitted to the City’s forestry department, which describes the condition of a tree or trees in question. An arborist report specifies the tree’s address and location, species, and provides an evaluation of the tree’s health and describes any concerns or issues with the tree. In addition to describing all the issues which a tree has, an arborist report proposes recommendations that will solve these problems. The recommendations could span across a spectrum of areas, including tree pruning or removal, fertilization to strengthen the tree, pest control, or root pruning to make the tree healthy again.

Arborist Report

Why do I need an arborist report?

Arborist reports will explain the current state of tree health, weather it should be removed due to its condition or not; the effects of future construction on adjacent trees; also, the report will be giving recommendations on future actions for every tree relevant to the report. The requirement for submitting an arborist report to get a tree removal, injury, or a building permit, depends on the city or town you live in and the work that you are doing, whether on your own residential property, or at a commercial property. At The Real Tree Masters, we specialize in arborist report Toronto, arborist report Vaughan, arborist report Mississauga, arborist report Oakville, arborist report Brampton, arborist report Richmond Hill, arborist report Markham, and more.


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Commercial Construction Arborist Report

For commercial properties, if you are looking to develop a property, take on a construction or large landscaping project, or are applying for a building permit, then you will most likely require an arborist report.

Construction arborist reports generally require a Tree Inventory, Landscape Plan, Tree Protection Plan and Site Plan.

At The Real Tree Masters Inc. we specialize in commercial arborist reports. We can provide you with consultation and all reports required for your project.

Service Areas:  

Toronto  /  Mississauga  / Oakville  / Brampton  /  Richmond Hill  /  Vaughan  /  Burlington  /  Markham  /  North York  /  Etobicoke  /  Caledon  /  Kleinburg  /  Woodbridge  /  Orangeville  /  Milton

Who can prepare an arborist report?

Only certified Arborists can prepare and submit arborist reports. A certified arborist is able to look at the tree and the situation in context and determine the real concerns with the tree and detail the proposed recommendations.

Depending on the tree, an arborist will describe if there is any concern with the tree; namely, if there is biotic tree damage or abiotic tree damage in the tree. Biotic tree damage means that the concerns within the tree are from living sources like insects or fungi. Abiotic concerns compromise the health of a tree and are a result of non-living sources like lightning having struck the tree in the past, previous construction projects, or poor pruning.

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Residential / Private Property Arborist Report

If you are looking to remove or injury a tree on your personal property or are looking to do landscaping or construction on your personal property, you should check to see if you will need an arborist report if you have any trees on your property.

There are regulations and bylaws which have been put in place by municipal governments that require an arborist report to be submitted if you need cut, prune, remove a tree, or even build a pool in your backyard.

Trees that are in hazardous condition, have declining health or are putting pressure on load-bearing structures may be eligible for a removal permit or tree removal exemption.


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Where can I get an arborist report?

Certified arborists can prepare arborist reports; make sure that you speak with them to ensure that your report in legally prepared by a certified arborist, or else it will not be approved by the City. At The Real Tree Masters, we would be happy to help talk you through the process and prepare your arborist report for you.

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