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Tree Removal

Tree removal requires tree surgeons with safety-conscious training, as it is the most complex method of arborist services. With professional tree cutting arborists and tree climbers, our Milton team is made of highly skilled arborists who would safely and skillfully remove your trees with the minimal disturbance possible to all surrounding residential and commercial properties. Our tree surgeons make use of modern methods and equipment, from bucket truck, crane to woodchipper, you can fully trust us to remove your trees. We would be in and out and leave the area cleaner and better looking than when we got there.  Our tree surgeon team offers a full range of arborist services, from tree cutting, tree planting, stump grinding, roots removal, tree pruning, tree trimming, tree cabling, arborist reports, commercial tree maintenance, and many more.

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Milton Tree Removal By-law

  • The Town of Milton does not regulate the injury or removal of trees located on private properties. For trees located on public lands, you are required to contact the Town to obtain permission for injury or destruction.

How to cut a city tree?

  1. Inspect the tree.

    If the tree is dead, dying or hazards, then contact the Town of Milton and they will inspect the tree.
    If the tree is deemed dead, dying or hazards, the Town of Milton will remove the tree at no cost to you.

  2. In case of construction.

    Contact a certified arborist to review your construction plans and its effects on the surrounding trees.
    If any trees are deemed necessary to be removed, an arborist report will need to be presented to the Town of Milton, in order to gain the tree removal permission.

Tree Service Milton

The Real Tree Masters Inc. is a full tree care service that recognizes the importance and advantages trees and healthy ecosystems. The importance of trees in our communities cannot be overemphasized, either as part of nature or for aesthetic purposes, they need to be well taken care of, trimmed and pruned regularly. With a team of certified arborists, our professional services and quality are guaranteed. We use an in-depth methodology with the knowledge and study of various trees and species to deliver an outstanding job for every tree service offered. Some of our services in Milton include:  

Stump Grinding & Tree Planting Service

Once you have removed and disposed of your old trees, it is advisable to grind the stumps and the remaining roots. If not removed, stumps and roots can stay around for years. Stump and roots removal are especially important if you are planting new trees in the same area. Tree planting service is service we offer to our Milton residential and commercial clients. Either you are planting 1 tree or hundreds of trees for a construction project, we can help you. Before planting new trees, it is important to remove all old stumps and root systems, to allow for the new trees to thrive in their environment.

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