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Tree planting is an investment that can pay off in many ways. If you are looking to plant hundreds of trees at a new housing project, adding new trees to your home, or tree and shrub fertilization to maximize growth, we can help. Trees are critical to our environment and they give our communities a beautiful and unparalleled look. By planting trees, you could provide your property with the perfect shade needed. 

At The Real Tree Masters, we have a team of professional arborists skilled enough to turn every idea into a green reality. We work with our clients to select tree species that can prosper in their unique landscape. We can help both commercial and residential clients with tree planting in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, and all of the GTA. Our work is our passion, and we are happy in providing best-in-class services to all of our clients.

Tree Arborist
Residential Homeowners’ peace of mind, as well as a home’s present or future market value, are primary considerations. Our dedication to ethical and meticulous tree care guarantees that rainfall and nutrients are accessible, that the species is viable, and your new trees will last. Professional help ensures the right tree in the right conditions completes your front yard.
Commercial property owners and managers must satisfy a variety of groups, each with its own set of objectives, including owners, tenants, employees, and guests. The Real Tree Masters are dedicated to upholding professional standards for the benefit of these stakeholders, so newly planted trees enhance the property without issue. You can rely on our thorough reports, affordable costs, and on-time scheduling.

Why You Need Professional Tree Planting in Toronto?

Control Soil Erosion

Well planted trees are placed strategically for location, in areas they’ll be able to control erosion. An expert eye can set your new tree line in locations affected by overland and subterranean water flow to protect your sidewalks and landscaping features from wearing out or shifting hazardously.

Improve Our Ecosystem

CO2 levels in the atmosphere have been steadily climbing for decades, and they've been linked to a developing climate crisis. But trees are nature’s carbon capture and recycling system, and with a little help, they can make a big difference when there’s strength in numbers.

Increase Curb Appeal of Home

Property prices can rise unpredictably all around Greater Toronto, and curb appeal can’t be understated when homebuyers negotiate on price. For tree planting in the GTA and especially in Mississauga, we’re here to maximize the impact of trees on your home’s naturescape, aesthetic harmony, and overall appearance.

Remove Air Pollution

Trees can process many elements composing the air around us, not just carbon. Trees absorb various anthropogenic or natural pollutants comprising the air and produce oxygen, enriching the atmosphere while trapping harmful gasses blowing into your property. Tree planting could make all the difference in the air quality of your home and backyard.

Tree Planting Services

Learn how we can bring out the best in your most stately greenery. There’s more to planting than just digging!

What You’ll Get From The Real Tree Masters
Focus on Safety & Security

Our hard-won reputation is based on doing an effective job with long-term safety and security for property owners, our personnel, and most of all, your property’s majestic trees.

24 Hours Storm Emergency Damage

For fallen trees blocking roads, pathways, driveways, or even lodged into houses or buildings, we’re always ready to respond whenever an emergency arises.

Fully Insured & Protected

With $5M in insurance, we’re confident in the decisions we make to protect your property and the longevity of your most treasured arboreal landscaping features.

Award-Winning, Knowledgeable Team

We’re committed to being your trusted source of authoritative wisdom on the condition of your trees, with award-winning practical expertise to assure satisfaction.

Successful & Stellar Reputation

We walk our talk, and satisfied property owners have lauded us for keeping their arboreal features healthy and beautiful as we continue saving trees wherever we can.

Competitive Rates

We understand the economic constraints on our clients; even though an arborist’s work isn’t cheap, we keep the health of your trees within the market rate for outstanding services.

Our Clients Love Us, So Will you

What’s the Cost of Tree Planting?

Tree planting services in Toronto come at a cost, which very much depends on your location, the size of your order, species selection, & more. A large part of the cost structure is for the benefit of peace of mind! When you get one or more tree plantings from an arborist, you’re paying for insurance on work and worker safety, expertise, and even post-planting maintenance. For The Real Tree Masters, when you opt for our service, what you’re getting is a free consultation, soil clearance, tree planting, tree inspection, and reporting, as well as a specimen for planting. Please contact us for a quote, and we can provide a figure!

Make sure that the tree is suitable for the planting site and climate. Ensure that roots have enough room to spread out. Remember that they put feelers out for water, so water and wastewater lines nearby are a risk that you’ll need to mitigate. Make sure the base of the tree is also clear of rocks and large stones and that the roots won’t span too close to a nearby tree or even stumps. Stumps don’t necessarily die when they lose the tree above them, so roots can choke the saplings beside them. You should dig to the right depth (depends on species) and plant support stakes around it, so it doesn’t topple over early and start growing on its side. You should finish off by generously watering it.

Improving tree health as they grow requires corrective pruning once every year or two, fertilization, and effective aeration at the base of the tree each season.

Emerald cedar trees are some of the most common trees we plant, and the good news is that planting them for optimal health uses quite conventional techniques. Like most trees, they need to be clear of rocks and neighbouring stumps, be at the right depth, supported by stakes, and watered. That’s the golden ticket to growing emerald cedar.

It depends on so many factors, but a few that stand out are the silver maple or the trembling aspen, which grows fast and tolerates urban life. The white birch grows fast and has beautiful bark.

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