Professional Tree & Plant Health Care in Toronto

What is Plant Health Care?

Tree & plant health care in Toronto means approaching treecare like a neighbourhood physician might treat a person. Tree and plant health depends on multiple factors, which we can approach systematically based on science and years of successful and reputable experience.


We look after the tree’s symbiotic fungal biome; combat infestations and infections; aerate; irrigate; prune; conduct insect and animal pest control; and fertilize your herbaceous plants, shrubs, saplings and older trees; for maximum vitality and longevity—in timeframes and price ranges you can manage.

Tree Arborist

Why You Need Tree & Plant Health Care in Toronto?

Real estate comes at a premium in Greater Toronto, and stately trees are often surrounded by concrete jungle, especially in metropolitan areas extending past Toronto to Brampton and Mississauga. That’s why Tree Health Care is so important, to keep trees vivacious and thriving in small patches of greenspace. Their presence is crucial to making urban life beautiful and refreshed by natural features. The Real Tree Masters are reliable, reputable authorities on tree health, ready to get your landscape’s most precious features looking picturesque.

Plant Health Care

Trees need arborists’ arboricultural healthcare like people need walk-in clinics. Learn how what plant health care really means; we’ll do all we can to keep your trees healthy.

Our Plant Health Care Services Include

Tree experts can get their stripes a few different ways. Some arborists learn in the field from practical experience. Certified arborists learn arboriculture in post-secondary institutions, where they can master their theoretical understanding of treecare. From there, they can get practical experience as well and get certified with the International Society of Arboriculturists (ISA). It doesn’t really go beyond these two types of tree experts.

A plant health care technician holds an ISA qualification enabling tree carers to keep plants healthy. There’s a short program for residential and commercial tree care service workers, and it can lead to bigger opportunities like becoming a certified arborist.