There is a strong call for action for property-owners to ensure their trees are safe to withstand harsh weather conditions. In the last few years, with the changing weather patterns, residents and business-owners within the greater Toronto area have been plagued with ice storms, snow storms and high winds which break old and unstable trees. According to the Toronto Star: “Severe weather losses across the country reached a record $3.2 billion in 2013, according to figures released Monday by the Insurance Bureau of Canada. The tab for insured losses from the ice storm that pummeled Toronto and southern Ontario in December alone was $200 million, the industry group said.”. Many of these claims resulted from weak, old and unstable trees falling on homes, businesses and cars. Also, multiple people were hurt due to falling trees and branches.

The Real Tree Masters, 2013 Ice Storm Damage

In ice storms, trees and branches accumulate a large layer of ice on them, adding weight, while frozen. If the tree or branch has any structural weaknesses, it will break, falling towards the weakest point in the tree. That could be towards your house, commercial building, parked cars or even your family, and can cost millions of dollars in repairs or even worse, lost lives.

Snow storms are a fact of life when you are living anywhere from the big cities like Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, or even out in the smaller towns like Caledon and Milton. Through heavy snow falls, tree branches start getting heaver and weaker, damaged trees can only support so much weight before starting to lean towards its weakest point and eventually it will collapse.

Unlike ice storms and snow storms, high winds could threaten old and unstable trees at any time of the year. As an arborist serving the whole Great Toronto Area, we are experts in handling these incidences once they occur, but also focus on preventative care for removing trees which have a high likelihood of being affected by severe weather conditions.

High Winds Tree Damage

Throughout the year arborists throughout the GTA get thousands of calls from clients in these emergency situations. Fortunately, many of these situations could have been prevented. By calling an arborist to come to your property and inspect your trees, you could be sure that, not if but when the storms hit, your property is safe from unnecessary and preventable damage, let alone risk your family’s safety.

Some arborists charge a flat rate for tree inspection, at The Real Tree Masters Inc., we offer 100% FREE no commitment inspections. Our arborists can come out anytime of the year to inspect your property. Once you have decided which trees are safe and which are not, The Real Tree Masters Inc. can provide you with an arborist’s report to present to the city in case it is deemed needed. For FREE in person or over the phone consultations, call us today The Real Tree Masters Inc. Tree Service at (416) 272-3534.

Ref: Toronto Star: Ice storm pushed weather losses to record $3.2 billion: Insurance Bureau. Jan. 20, 2014.

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Preventing Storm Damage To Your Trees
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