Box Tree Moth

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Box Tree Moth

Bright green caterpillars with black stripes lengthwise down their backs. Black head capsules.

Tree Arborist

Effected plants

Boxwood trees & Boxwood shrubs

Signs and Symptoms

Noticeable feeding damage that can destroy everything but the outline of the leaf. Dead or defoliated sections of the shrub from previous generations. Thick webbing and frass (caterpillar poop) inside the shrub – part branches to find them. Larvae pupate in small white sacs between leaves – gently part leaves to find them.

Box Tree Moth Life Cycle

First feeding generation in early/mid May, second in mid July. There could be a third in early September, but it has not been seen in previous seasons.

Tree Arborist
Tree Arborist
Tree Arborist


Spray actively feeding caterpillars with DiPel. Larvae typically feed for approximately 20 days. Inspect shrubs after initial application and re-apply if necessary. Each feeding generation must be treated.

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