5 Reasons Why You Should Remove a Tree Stump

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So, you have decided to cut down a tree on your property, for either safety, aesthetic, or other reasons. Do you know what is the worst part of removing a tree is? It’s that you have a tree stump left behind! Yes, the tree stump that you have in your garden or yard is not safe for you, your family or a commercial property. It poses various annoying and safety problems on your property.


Trees are beautiful, but they can also be hazardous. When trees begin to die or get diseased, the decision to cut down a tree is a good decision. When you hire a tree removal arborist to remove a dead tree, you will need to consider whether to remove the tree stump as well, or keep it. There are various reasons you would want to request the stump removal service:

  • It Looks Horrible: Having spent time and money on maintenance of a well-kept property, a tree stump drastically takes away from that image. If you’re thinking about selling your property, it would definitely catch the eyes of prospective buyers. Grinding the stump out can enhance the appearance and value of your property and make it look cleaner and larger.
  • Mitigate The Chance of an Accident: The safety of your family, guests, and yourself, and
    also customers on a commercial property should be your top priority. It is critical to request that the stump is removed as soon as you cut down a tree. Anyone can accidently trip and seriously hurt themselves on a tree stump, and in that case, the owner of the property could be liable to the injured.
  • Pests & Diseases Control: Tree stumps attract various insects and pests. More importantly, they also harbour diseases that can be dangerous to other trees. Removing the stump is a critical step to safeguard against the spread of diseases from one dead tree to the surrounding live ones.
  • Stumps Can Sprout: The main purpose of cutting down the tree was to remove it from your yard permanently, right? Well, if you didn’t opt for the stump grinding with your tree cutting, be ready for the stump sprouting up not long after. Once it starts to sprout, you are going to be forced to either call back an arborist to request its removal, or it will be gradually growing and becoming more of a nuisance. No need to spend double the cost removing yet another tree; do it right the first time around.
  • Cost Effective: Stump grinding services on its own is costly, however, once you request it while you are removing the tree, it will cost significantly less. When a company sends out an arborist’s crew to cut a tree, they are sent out with all the necessary trucks and equipment, therefore, to just grind a stump after removing a tree is not too much of a hassle, and that’s why you will always get a much cheaper price to remove your stump simultaneously with the tree.

Leaving a stump behind is almost a clear sign that you will face various issues in the future. If you have any unsightly stumps on your property, don’t wait for them to become an irritant, remove them as soon as possible. To know more about stump grinding and tree removal services in your area, call us now for a free in person or over the phone consultation, The Real Tree Masters Inc. Tree Service at (416) 272-3534.

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