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Tree Protection Zone

The Real Tree Masters provides tree protection zone fencing services in Ontario including Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Vaughan, Burlington, Richmond Hill, Brampton, Milton, Markham and surrounding areas.

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Tree Protection Zone

A Tree Protection Zone (“TPZ”) is the protected area around a regulated tree. The Tree Protection Zone includes the entire area of the site that will be protected from any disturbance, including construction related traffic and material storage. The minimum Tree Protection Zones are based on the diameter of the regulated tree. The TPZ guidelines provide the minimum area to be protected for the anchor and transport roots of the tree, however, there can still be loss of the feeder roots that stretch further than the TPZ.

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Tree Protection Plan

A Tree Protection Plan (“TPP”) must be created by an arborist or landscape architect. The goal of it is to identify the location, species, size, condition, tree protection & indicate location of any excavation that requires root pruning of trees within the Tree Protection Zone. Permit applications related to construction must include a Tree Protection Plan. The TPP is normally prepared with an arborist report or under the guidance of a certified arborist, when regulated trees are in the vicinity of proposed construction work. All Tree Protection Plans must be prepared at a usable metric scale.

Tree protection plan

Tree Protection Fencing & Tree Preservation Hoarding

Every forestry department has Tree Protection Fencing & Tree Preservation Hoarding specifications to satisfy their Tree Protection Plan bylaws. The Fencing & Hoarding specifications will be stated in the city’s bylaws and must satisfy the bylaws prior to the approval of the city’s inspector and the start of the site disturbance. Tree Protection Fencing & Tree Preservation Hoarding surround the regulated tree to create a Tree Protection Zone. Signs marking these barriers must be visible to prevent sight disturbance.

Tree Protection Protocol

Every municipality has a different Tree Protection Protocol that would satisfy their forestry department. The goal of a Tree Protection Protocol is to outline the procedure and standards required by the city or town to protect public and private trees by creating a review procedure. These procedures and standards also apply to public and private tree protection and construction permits administered by the forestry department. These standards of tree protection may be imposed when warranted by the forestry department and will depend on the size, species, location and health of the tree, and any circumstances surrounding the ensuing construction which requires additional tree protection measures.

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