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Tree Preservation Plan

Tree protection zone

In the province of Ontario where development and construction are widespread, there is no better time to prioritize tree preservation. Trees are crucial in the fight against air pollution as they remove carbon dioxide from the air, store it and release oxygen. They also reduce our exposure to pollutants such as heavy metals, nitrogen or phosphorus, which can contaminate our water, by acting as a natural filter. Trees also provide shade and great beauty to a landscape, while providing a relief to our nervous system. Scientists have determined that even watching a tree blowing in the wind can have significant relaxation benefits.


Initiatives to support tree protection or tree preservation plans are crucial because digging can damage large root systems, injury to the trunk or the crown, or soil compaction. These in turn lead to fines or costly tree removals. Proper planning and care can avoid all of this.

What is a Tree Protection Plan?

For Tree Preservation Plans you really need people who know what they are doing. Things can go wrong even in the planning stage so having seasoned professionals matters. Our arborists have years of experience and can answer any questions you may have. A few benefits to dealing with us:

  • We provide free consultations for all clients;
  • We boast $5 million in insurance & WSIB, fully protecting both you & our staff;
  • We can provide detailed descriptions of a variety of tree species & their benefits;
  • Our arborists have many years of experience in consulting services.

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In basic terms, it details which trees to be retained and which ones require preservation measures, with details on how to implement and monitor those measures. (Monitoring is typically done at certain intervals and is documented with photos and reports). It explains treatments required for tree preservation before, during and after construction is completed. A Tree Preservation Plan may include recommendations for pruning of branches, root pruning and fencing.  Other possible elements of a plan can be:

  • A canopy survey or assessment;
  • Identification of species at risk;
  • What to do when faced with setbacks;
  • Relevant data on trees outside the development site that may be impacted by construction;
  • Risk assessment reports;
  • Zone calculations that protect roots;
  • Detailed maps that correspond with any landscape designs;
  • Soil analyses
  • Detailed evaluations on trees to be preserved;
  • Mitigation planning.
Tree protection zone

Some municipalities in Ontario & the Greater Toronto Area require a Tree Protection Plan to meet specific bylaws. For that, we have you covered. We have plenty of experience doing plans for both large development projects and individual property work. Once your tree protection and critical root zones are mapped out by an arborist, we visit the site to install fencing and other measures to ensure the roots essential to the health of a tree are protected.

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