Why Hire an Arborist Tree Service Company?

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Why Hire an Arborist Tree Service Company?

Whether you live in an urban area or out in the countryside, the likelihood is that your property is surrounded by trees.  Trees are an indispensable part of any ecosystem; we should always care for them; especially because if they are not cared for, they can end up costing you thousands of dollars. Every year before winter, all property owners should inspect their trees for any cracks, diseases, and over growth in the direction of your home, powerlines or neighbor’s property. Once any anomalies are detected, it is imperative to call in an arborist for an inspection before the winter months start and high winds and ice storms become common. Every winter compromised trees are the first to go when the weather gets bad. If you are a property owner, it is imperative to educate yourselves on how to safely and responsibly own trees, so that your property has the best curb-appeal.

What is a tree service company?

Tree service companies offer a wide variety services that fall under the following service categories: tree planting, tree care for healthy trees, and as a last resort, tree removal of old, diseased and unsafe trees. A tree service company utilizes forestry trucks and equipment, employs professional arborists, tree biologists and pesticide applicators to ensure overall care for trees.


Some of the differences between tree service companies:

Tree service companies come in different sizes and shapes. If you are searching for a simple tree trimming, pruning or removal project, smaller companies that consist of a limited number of arborists and modest equipment should be sufficient. If you are looking for more advanced services that require forestry trucks, wood chippers, cranes and stump grinders as in: hazardous tree removal, tree planting, inspections of diseased trees, pesticide application for infected trees, arborists reports, stump grinding and removal, tree cabling, tree transplanting, commercial tree services, lot-clearing, 24-hour response storm damage and deep root feeding, you will need to contact a larger or a full-service tree company. Larger tree service companies work year-round with home owners, home builders, construction companies, commercial property managers, land developers and land clearing contractors.


What does an arborist do? An arborist is by definition: a tree surgeon. Arborists are highly skilled professionals that gain their knowledge from going to college and learning how to care for different species of trees, and when and how to safely remove a tree when deemed necessary. Also, the industry is full of highly knowledgeable arborists who gained their skill from working years in the tree service industry. Tree service companies regularly staff many arborists with different skillsets.

When and who will need to hire a tree service company?

If you are a property owner, residential or commercial, you will need the assistance of a tree service company, as long as you have trees on your property. Trees are everywhere, all will need to be cared for throughout their lifetimes, by a simple tree pruning or a full-out trimming for the safety of the people and objects around. Unfortunately, many trees have to be cut down every year in the Greater Toronto Area. When it comes to tree removal in an urban area with many obstacles around, only a fully equipped arborist will be able to safely remove it. Every year we have many buildings, homes and complexes being built to accommodate for our growing population. Builders regularly contract tree service companies, to plant fully grown trees around the property. Only an arborist could assist builders on choosing the correct tree species for each environment.

We, The Real Tree Masters Inc. Have years of experience working with thousands of clients, with all kinds of needs. We utilize all the necessary equipment and trucks to be able to hand le the largest and most complex residential and commercial projects. We take pride in our reputation in the tree services industry. Our arborists have many years of experience working all over Canada, from east to west. If you are looking for just a free over the phone or in person consultation, give us a call today and we will be happy to assist you.

We at The Real Tree Masters Inc. will be posting a new article to assist you with How to Prune & Trim Your Trees? Please stay tuned!


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