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Tree Removal BramptonWe, at The Real Tree Masters Inc., offer a full range of tree services for commercial and residential customers in Brampton and The GTA. We specialize in everything from Tree Removal Brampton, Tree Cutting Brampton, Stump Grinding Brampton, Stump Removal Brampton, Tree Pruning Brampton, Tree Trimming Brampton, Arborist Report Brampton, Tree Removal Bylaw Brampton, Pre-construction Site Clearing Brampton, Tree Bylaw Brampton, View Clearing Brampton, Lot Clearing & Land Clearing Brampton, Shrub & Hedge Pruning Brampton, Tree Cabling Brampton. These are the most common services we provide to commercial and residential customers.

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Tree Removal Permit Brampton & Tree By-Laws Brampton:

Brampton Tree Cutting Permit: By-laws in Brampton permit residence to remove any trees located within 2 metres or 6 feet 6 inches of an occupied building. Permits are required for all trees with the DBH of more than 30cm or 12 inches.

Once you have obtained an arborist report and a completed application, it must be submitted in person at: The City of Brampton, 2 Wellington Street West Brampton, ON L6Y 4R2.    →Brampton: Tree Removal Permit & Bylaws 

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Reasons for Tree Pruning Brampton / Tree Trimming Brampton:

Tree Pruning ServiceTree pruning and tree trimming trees in your garden or yard is necessary for various reasons; it will make them safer, productive, healthy and pretty. Most importantly, it will help to keep them healthy and in a good shape and also help the tree grow correctly. We are here to help you by pruning your trees and trim them when needed, and we do this for many reasons, including:

  • To remove hazardous branches
  • To improve tree growth
  • Encourage flower and fruit production
  • Protect property and people from accident
  • To remove rubbing limbs
  • To beautify your garden or yard
  • To get more sunlight

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Free Quotes & Advice for All Your Brampton Tree Services Needs
Tree Service Brampton
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